As a Scribe, David Rodriguez works with businesses and consultants to capture oral communication in visual and graphic representations.  While in a meeting, David represents the ideas and developments of the meeting in a visual flow of the conversation that offers context beyond the bullet points.  His scribing creates a more inclusive experience than the traditional meeting while recording the session in real time.  As voices are heard, ideas are documented and a visual map is produced for collaborators.  The scribing can seamlessly lead to creation of strategy maps, client campaigns, or potential video communicators for internal or external use.  As either a simple facilitator and conversation guide helping with timelines, prioritization, and modeled construction or as a silent artist capturing, Rodriguez’ work takes your meetings to the next level.  

Clients for video scribing:

  • Dr Pepper
  • Drucker Institute
  • Frontier Communications
  • Marriage Mentors

See more examples of video scribing here.

Clients for scribing:

  • Accompany Partners
  • Big Thought
  • Boyscouts of America
  • Brand Velocity
  • The Event Nerd
  • Halftime Institute
  • Journeyman Ink
  • The L Group
  • Leadership Network
  • Madison Advisors
  • Momentous Institute
  • Pariveda Solutions
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • WildWorks

See more example of scribing here.