Since 2007, David Rodriguez has been producing a wide variety of entertainment events and festivals.  Incorporating multiple artistic mediums with everything from live painters and sculptors to poets and musicians, Rodriguez designs performance events that encourage artist and audience collaboration.  Events such as the 2015 Dallas Festival of Ideas, a two day event, and the 2014 West 7th Block Party on Crockett, a three month installation, showcase David’s ability to deliver a creative and interactive experience where audiences can engage and express while being inspired by the atmosphere.  Be it a private event, a community function, festival, or even business presentation, Rodriguez blends the perfect combination of talented individuals necessary for any occasion.

If you are interested in booking talent for an opportunity, please e-mail me.

If you are an artist within any media and are interested in gaining opportunities to utilize your talents, please register here (if you have registered once, you do not need to do so again)

Current project:





2012 and PAST

Artists for <Art/Code> 2016 (July 27, 2016):

  • Lauren Maxwell

  • Darcy Neal

  • Kris Swenson

  • Alex Garcia Topete

  • Eric Trich


  • Isaac Davies

  • Jerod Davies

  • Paul Hammerquist

  • Ryan McCutcheon

  • LUCiD

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