Application for FAIR PARK 80TH CELEBRATION (June 10th - 11th)

Fair Park is celebrating 80 years of its Centennial Exposition and has asked Dr Gorilla Studio to create a highlighted area within the event known as the "Art Live" space. Our presentation will be happening within the Centennial Building at Fair Park on Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th (Fr: 5pm-11pm, Sa: 10am-10pm). Artist interested in presenting within the Art Live area will need to print and fill out the application form and pay a $100 booth fee. The artist will keep 100% of sales throughout the weekend.

Being a part of this space will require the participating artist to be creating live (hence the name of the area). This does not mean that the artist will need to be cranking out multiple pieces, though they can if they like. It does mean that, with minimal breaks throughout the day, the artist should be working on some bit of artwork during show hours within the 2 days. In addition to being highlighted within this space, the artist will also get the opportunity (optional) to produce a piece live within the center of the overall presentation, like the Davies brothers did at Artopia (pictured above and in these photos from Artopia). We will have shifts available to artists who would like to create "center stage" throughout the weekend.

If you would like to be one of the featured artists specifically within this collective, please email me, David Rodriguez, with the following details: Subject line: Fair Park 80th Art Live Artist, Email Content: your full name, email and phone, your website address, and social media pages (facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc. Please only share sites that are available to view without being "friends/connected"). If you are selected to be a part of Art Live then you will be sent an application to fill out as soon as possible. Thank you.